AX Evolution Program – Emerging Ceramics Artists

The AX Evolution Program – Emerging Ceramics Artists is a paying mentorship program designed to support emerging artists in the medium of ceramics. Participants will benefit from a paid position with flexible hours and duration, anywhere from 4 – 16 weeks, and from 20 – 30 hours per week. We will work with the artist before the start of the program to determine the duration of the contract and the number of hours per week; this versatility makes the program accessible to various degrees of availability.  

Participants will work in a fully equipped ceramics studio and will have access to mentors in a program tailored to their needs. Artists will also have the opportunity to earn additional income through teaching workshops and selling their own work.

While at AX, the Emerging Artist will experience what goes on behind the scenes in the arts and culture sector and make invaluable contacts, gaining an in-depth knowledge of the value of organization and professionalism. The participant will work closely with the AX Ceramics Centre Coordinator, who will provide support and guidance and will seek out other professional artists to provide mentorship and experiential opportunities for the participant. The participant will also have the opportunity to be part of an exhibition in the AX Gallery.

During their work experience, participants will learn such things as how to apply for an exhibition, maintain inventory and equipment, market and sell work, where to look for grant and residency opportunities, and how to prepare and execute a workshop. Earning multiple revenue streams is essential in this industry and the Emerging Artist will learn what’s necessary to achieve success.

The goal of AX’s Evolution Program – Emerging Ceramics Artists is for participants to be prepared to launch their own studio practice and professional business, and to also acquire the skills necessary should they wish to continue working in the arts and culture sector.

AX is happy to accept applications for this residency program on an on-going basis and will consider them for future residency periods.

Job description and application process

Thanks to the RBC Foundation’s Emerging Artists Project for making it possible for us to launch the AX Emerging Artist – Ceramics Program at our charitable arts and culture centre.