The AX Emerging Artist Residency is a short-term residency designed to support Canadian artists who are looking for a space to further develop their work. The emerging artist will have access to our fully equipped ceramics centre, including two ConeArt Computer kilns (12 cubic feet and 6.5 cubic feet),  pottery wheels, slab roller, work tables, ware carts, and their own private studio space.

During the residency, the artist will have access to AX’s mentorship network and will be working closely with AX’s Ceramics Centre Coordinator to ensure they have a successful residency. The purpose of this short-term residency is to promote emerging artists in the field of ceramics, with a specific focus on helping jump-start the careers of ceramics artists.

For the 2023/2024 year, we have funding available for three (3)  one-month residencies. A funded residency includes a $1000 stipend, free 24 hour access to the studio space, and two kiln firings. We are not able to provide materials but can provide a letter of support if you chose to apply for additional funding from arts councils.

We have the capacity to host more than three residencies during this time frame and encourage applications on an ongoing basis, but can not fund more than three. Again, we can provide letters of support if you wish to apply for funding from other sources.


We are happy to receive proposals at any time. In your application, please include: 


Applications may be submitted electronically to: (please include AX Emerging Artist Application in the subject line of the email).

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Thanks to the RBC Foundation’s Emerging Artists Project for supporting the ceramics residency program.