AX Literary Series: Amy Cameron



Workshop Description: The Art of Screenwriting 


You have a great idea for a TV show. Or maybe it’s a featurefilm? A digital series? Whatever it is, you need a script. And while there are as many rules for screenwriting as there are books on the subject, the art of writing for film and television boils down to some simple basics: keep your characters active; show, don’t tell; and give us somebody to root for. From story engines to character creation to the proofing pass, join executive producer Amy Cameron to learn more about how to take an idea from your napkin to the screen. This workshop will have something for everyone from first-time screenwriters to those with a few scripts under their belt looking to brush up on the basics and get some tips from an experienced producer.

About Amy Cameron

Amy Cameron is an award-winning journalist, author, TV series creator, broadcast executive and executive producer. She is the co-founder of Cameron Pictures Inc., the Toronto-based independent production company behind Mary Kills People (Global/Lifetime), Little Dog (CBC) and Pretty Hard Cases (CBC/IMDb TV). Cameron is currently an executive producer on Citytv’s upcoming Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent


Prior to launching Cameron Pictures with her sister Tassie Cameron, Amy was the Executive in Charge of Production at CBC TV Drama for the critically acclaimed The Book of Negroes, Republic of Doyle, Shoot The Messenger and also oversaw the ratings giant Heartland. In addition to previous work as a comedy production executive, Cameron worked as the Head of Development at Vérité Films and was also the co-creator of CBC’s Wild Roses


Cameron is an award-winning journalist (Maclean’s, The Globe & Mail, Owl Magazine, The New Brunswick Telegraph Journal), author of Playing with Matches: Misadventures in Dating (2005) and was the recipient of the Canadian Film Centre’s 2019 Award for Creative Excellence. Cameron is currently writing her next book, Before I Go Crazy: An Investigative Unearthing of My Mother’s Long Forgotten Advice, through an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction from the University of King’s College in Halifax. She holds a BFA from Montreal’s Concordia University and has a diploma from a very fancy fashion design school in Paris, France. Cameron lives in Toronto with her husband, two kids, two dogs and one (apparently immortal) fish. 


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. Thank you to the New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture for their support of this event.