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August 22 - September 26: Courtney Atyeo

Best Wishes to Courtney Atyeo: AX Emerging Artist in Residence – Ceramics, August 22 – September 26, 2022


About Courtney Atyeo

Courtney Atyeo was born in Fredericton, N.B. Courtney has always appreciated and been inspired by the beauty of nature, from her upbringing at Maquapit Lake to working and travelling to Lake Louise, Algonquin Park, and Australia. She graduated from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design’s FVA program in 2019 and then completed the first year of their ceramics program. Courtney then opened up her own studio in Stanley, N.B., where she lives with her partner, Louis. For the past five years, they have worked on creating a sustainable farm, growing their own vegetables and raising animals.

Artist Statement

This exhibition has been a milestone in my ceramics career, a major stepping stone for me as an artist. This series has pushed me to explore larger forms & get out of my comfort zone. I wanted to create large pieces that could stand alone and radiate confidence. These pieces are meant to capture minimalism and simplicity, with a touch of whimsy.

To see more of Courtney’s work, visit her on Instagram.

Thanks to the RBC Foundation’s Emerging Artists Project for making it possible for us to host Bayonne Rongen, our AX Emerging Artist in Residence – Ceramics.


July 1 - July 29: Carolyn Saunders

Best Wishes to Carolyn Saunders: AX Emerging Artist in Residence – Ceramics, July 2022

Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated by how the universe and its materials inform us. The process of working in tandem with the elements of our planet is an artform in and of itself. Using naturally-derived materials, I attempt to interpret the beauty of our universe into physical form.

Artist Bio

Carolyn Saunders was born and raised in Cape Breton, NS. She holds diplomas in Culinary Arts (2012), Hospitality Management (2015) and a certificate in Foundation Visual Arts (2019). She is currently attending NBCCD in the Ceramics diploma program where she is focusing on developing her skills as a potter and artist. Carolyn sits on the board of Connexion ARC as chair of the programming committee and co-chair of the fundraising committee. She works at the Lunar Rogue Pub as a bartender and server. Carolyn currently resides in Fredericton NB with her partner, and cat Judith.




Thanks to the RBC Foundation’s Emerging Artists Project for making it possible for us to host Bayonne Rongen, our AX Emerging Artist in Residence – Ceramics.



April 15 - May 15: Bayonne Rongen

Best wishes to Bayonne Rongen: AX Emerging Artist in Residence – Ceramics, April 2022

Artist Statement
During my residency at AX, I created the series “Duimelientje en de sprookjes tuin” (Duimelientje and the fairy garden). This series consists of four collaged handmade terracotta tiles. Within the series you see the main character, Duimelientje navigating the fairytale forest throughout her childhood. Each tile showcases a representation of how Duimelientje interacts with the mystical creatures within the garden. In the first two tiles you notice Duimelientje interacting more with the creatures around her, however as she grows up throughout the tiles she seems to be losing her connection with the other characters around her due to her ageing overtime and letting go of her childhood imagination and innocence. I heavily relate with Duimelientje since her story relates to how I felt about immigrating from one country to another by navigating the loss of one world and gaining access to another.

Artist Bio
Bayonne Rongen was born in Limburg, Netherlands and moved to Fredericton, New Brunswick in 2006. She completed her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Fine Arts at Mount Allison University in 2020. Rongen is heavily influenced by Dutch folklore and applies that to her work. Rongen has worked as a child art instructor at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and is currently pursuing a career in teaching.

To see more of Bayonne’s work, visit her on instagram.

Thanks to the RBC Foundation’s Emerging Artists Project for making it possible for us to host Bayonne Rongen, our AX Emerging Artist in Residence – Ceramics.



December: Danika Vautour

Best Wishes to Danika Vautour of the AX One Month Residency – Ceramics, December 2020

Danika Vautour, our inaugural artist in the AX One Month Residency, has concluded her time with us at AX, where she produced a 20-piece collection of stoneware pots. The work Danika produced while at AX was displayed in the virtual exhibition Welcome to the Twenties


Artist Bio

Danika is a Saint John, New Brunswick artist who has recently returned from Cambridge, England. She specializes in ceramics and has been working with the medium for five years. In recognition of her work, Danika was awarded an ArtsNB Creation Grant in 2019, and she has exhibited her pottery at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, as well as at Project A in Canmore, Alberta, and at multiple galleries in Cambridge, England. In 2017, she received her Diploma in Ceramics from New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.

Artist Statement

In her studio practice, Danika Vautour uses a variety of mediums to create pieces that reflect the way she sees everyday life. Her work is profoundly influenced by minimalism and her ties to the sea. When she’s not in the studio, Danika can be found teaching workshops while exploring creatively and developing her portfolio.

In her recent project, 50 Shades of White from a Pot’s Perspective, Danika has focused on stripping back most colours as a study and self-reflection on the psychological effects of the colour white. While this project’s major focus is on concepts surrounding the colour white, she also hopes that the viewer can be immersed in her love of the elements and principles of design, as well as what they can bring to a composition.

To see more of Danika’s work, visit her website! 

Thanks to the RBC Foundation’s Emerging Artists Project for making it possible for us to host Danika Vautour, the inaugural artist of our AX One Month Residency.