AX Ceramics Centre

AX’s state-of-the-art ceramics centre has everything needed to provide professional level workshops to Sussex and surrounding areas, host the AX Evolution Program – Emerging Ceramics Artists, and serve as the AX’s Ceramics Centre Coordinator’s and Emerging Artist’s individual studios.

The centre is also equipped with two new ConeArt electric kilns with a full ventilation system, two Shimpo VL Whisper pottery wheels, a slab roller and spray booth, drying racks and ware carts, 5’x5’ work table with storage, two 2.5’x5’ work tables, a sink with a sink trap, and storage.

Danika Vautour: AX One-month Residency

During the month of December, AX welcomed Danika Vautour as the inaugural ceramics artist of our AX One Month Residency! The vessels she created during her residency were featured in the virtual exhibition, Welcome to the Twenties.


Virtual Tour

Click the image to see a tour of the AX Ceramics Centre, with the Coordinator Matt Cripps.

AX‘s Ceramics Centre Coordinator Matt Cripps takes you on a virtual tour of the studio, demonstrating the various equipment and tools used to create a piece of pottery from start to finish.

Thanks to the RBC Foundation’s Emerging Artists Project for making it possible for us to launch the AX Emerging Artist Program at our new ceramics centre. And thank you to the Haynes-Connell Foundation, Allison and Clare McCain, Frank McKenna, and Lee Danisch for their ongoing financial support for the AX ceramics centre.

Thank you also to the Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation for their generous support. Because of the foundation’s Signature Technology Grant, AX has been able to develop digital outreach programming during the pandemic.

AX Evolution Program – Emerging Ceramics Artists

The AX Evolution Program – Emerging Ceramics Artists is designed to support artists who have finished their formal ceramics training and don’t yet have the capacity to open their own studio. Participants will benefit from a 4-month position in a fully equipped ceramics studio and will have access to mentors to help smooth the transition from student to full-time professional. The participant will work closely with the AX Ceramics Centre Coordinator, who will seek out mentorship and experiential opportunities for the participant while providing support and guidance.

About Matt Cripps, AX’s Ceramics Centre Coordinator

Matt Cripps was born and raised in Miramichi, NB. He completed a BA in fine arts at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB. Following his undergrad, he began employment at Gallery 78 in Fredericton, NB. He then completed a two year diploma in Fine Craft: Ceramics at the New Brunswick College of Craft of Design (NBCCD) and a certificate program in Advanced Studio Practice. He is now the Ceramic Centre Coordinator at the Ax Arts and Culture Centre of Sussex in Sussex, New Brunswick and is also the Vice President of CraftNB.