AX is committed to developing, supporting and promoting exhibition opportunities and experiences for New Brunswick artists. In choosing exhibitions, AX seeks a balance of established and emerging artists, exhibiting works from our community and beyond. Not able to visit Sussex? Visit our exhibitions virtually!

Have you ever considered owning a piece of artwork? Handmade art is unique, and when you find a one-of-a-kind piece that inspires you personally, it’s a wonderful way to enrich your space and even improve your mental health. By purchasing art from AX, you’re supporting artists and our charitable organization at the same time.
If you’d like to give the gift of art to someone else and want to be sure they can get something they find personally inspiring, an AX gift certificate is a great option.

In the Gallery …

AX National Emerging Ceramic Artists Exhibition 2023 – December 8 – February 24

Exhibition Proposals

AX offers an average of six exhibitions a year and strives to pay artists fair compensation for the right to exhibit their work. We include artist fees based on national standards in all grant applications and pay CARFAC rates whenever possible. AX is also dedicated to exhibiting children’s art and student work created in local-area schools and through our own programming. 

AX’s exhibitions are selected by a rotating panel of respected artists and art educators knowledgeable in the discipline involved. The selected juries base their decisions on the artist’s statement and images submitted as part of exhibition proposals.

Curators and artists interested in submitting an exhibition proposal to AX are encouraged to visit our exhibition proposal page.

See our Exhibitions Archives page for our previous exhibitions in the AX Gallery