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AX is pleased to feature established and emerging artists, and we exhibit works from our community and beyond. In choosing exhibitions, AX seeks a balance of established and emerging artists.

If you’re an artist or a curator and you’re interested in exhibiting at AX, download our general AX Exhibition Proposal and Artist Agreement and send us your idea. Exhibitions are selected by a rotating panel of respected artists and art educators knowledgeable in the discipline involved.

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Seeing the Patient, Dr. Mark Gilbert

Please note: Due to the continually changing dynamic around community health concerns, AX is closing our public gallery for the time being, and employees are working remotely. We have cancelled or postponed all current events and will evaluate future events on an ongoing basis – please watch this website or our Facebook page for updates.

Call for Curator – On the Margin

Deadline for proposals – March 20, 2020

AX  is hiring a curator for an exhibition celebrating New Brunswick artists whose work addresses issues of marginalization. This will be a paid contract, thanks to a grant from the New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Heritage, and Culture. The curator will be hired to select artists and work with AX to prepare, organize, mount, and strike the exhibition to be shown at the AX Gallery in September and October of 2020. See detailed project description below.

Please email a cover letter that outlines your vision for this exhibition, including suggestions of some New Brunswick artists whose work may be included, along with your resume/CV to execdirector@axartscentre.ca.

Deadline for proposals – March 20, 2020. Contact execdirector@axartscentre.ca for more information.

Project description and details On the Margin – a curated exhibition

What is a margin? What does it mean to be “on the margin”? How does it feel? Imbalance in political, social, and economic powers have led to the treatment of people, groups, cultures, and ideas as insignificant, threatened or peripheral.

The European colonization of Canada has had devastating effects on the lives of indigenous people: generational trauma which has only begun to be addressed by central systems of power through a national inquiry into the genocide of murdered and missing indigenous women and apologies for residential schools and the sixties scoop.

The Acadian people in New Brunswick, marginalized by geographic and economic factors, have suffered cultural isolation, and our francophone population is constantly fighting to achieve a power balance with anglophone forces in our officially bilingual province.

The LGBTQ+ community’s struggles and the “Me Too” movement have led to great strides away from marginalization and toward acceptance and equality.

The recent wave in immigration to New Brunswick presents new challenges in supporting and maintaining these much needed and appreciated newcomers.

“New Brunswick celebrates its heritage, and cultivates an open, contemporary society, driven by learning, imagination, innovation and creation. New Brunswick’s natural and cultural environments foster pride, inclusion and social justice, creativity, visionary thinking and an affirmation of our identities.” (Vision statement from Creative Futures— A Renewed Cultural Policy for New Brunswick, 2014-2019). The arts can play a significant role in ensuring that these communities do not feel insignificant, threatened or peripheral.

A broader interpretation of the concept of a “margin” can also be considered. A margin can be the difference of the amount by which one thing is different from another. A margin can be a profit. A margin can be a degree, the amount by which you can make a mistake. A margin can be a border of empty space around a printed page or image. A margin can be something that makes a particular thing possible.

AX seeks a curator to organize a group exhibition of New Brunswick artists whose work is “on the margin”.

AX will collaborate with the curator and will consider new arts disciplines and emerging artists that could be included in On the Margin. This exhibition, by its very nature, strives to be inclusive of people, ideas, communities, and new approaches.

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