Saturday, July 8, 2023, 9:00-5:00

Location: In person, AX workshop room

Cost: $150 (Includes instruction and materials.) 

Register online, by phone at (506) 433-8351, or in person at 12 Maple Avenue, Sussex.

Please register by July 1

This is a basketry workshop designed for beginners yet with the scope to accommodate the interests of intermediate basket weavers as well. Ralph will be introducing locally collected plant fibres namely, common rush (Juncus effusus), as well as daylily, iris blades, and some grasses. Participants will learn about foraging for fibres, processing and storage techniques, and how to prepare the fibres for use in weaving.

Ralph will provide all necessary materials for creation of a small basket and will attempt to equip participants with the knowledge to continue on their own in this age old practice, after completing the workshop.

To Bring -Participants should bring kitchen scissors, tape measure, spray bottle, and a hand towel to work on. They should also bring any weavable fibre that they think would embellish their basket such as ribbon, yarn, plant fibres from their garden or other. Participants should also plan to bring a lunch or plan to go out to eat.

If you have any questions, or if you need help filling out the online form, please contact us at or 433-8351.

About the Artist

Nationally acclaimed Canadian plant fibre artist Ralph Simpson has developed an innovative method of weaving, bending and sculpting plant fibre to create three dimensional artwork. His graceful work blends bold colour and innovative materials with ephemeral fibres to achieve a most satisfying balance. 

Ralph is an award winning artist and holds an MSc. from UNB in Forest Research Biology, and a Diploma in Fine Craft from NBCCD. Informed by the sciences and technical expertise his intricately woven pieces reflect the fields and forests around him.

He currently works full time in his studio in Fredericton, New Brunswick exhibiting his work locally and internationally, attending residencies and giving workshops. Ralph forages his own plant fibre employing principles that support environmental sustainability.