Gordon Dunphy: Vessels, generously supported by Frank McKenna

Curated by Dr. John Leroux and Dr. Jennifer Pazienza

AX is pleased to announce our newest exhibition entitled Gordon Dunphy: Vessels, generously supported by Frank McKenna, organized by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. This exhibition features the career-spanning works of the late Gordon Dunphy.

The pieces in this exhibition turn the ordinary, wood burls from various New Brunswick trees, into the extraordinary, while showing great respect for the original material’s distinct characteristics.

Jennifer Pazienza, accomplished professor, painter, and co-curator of this exhibition had this to say about the collection that highlights Dunphy’s decades long career, “I invite you to experience the ways in which these works compel us to breathe them in, to engage with and beyond their surfaces. To consider how it is they oblige us to read between their lines and shapes, the distinctive bird’s eye maple, or the fluted pore stained grain, and the blushed heartwood. How they gently insist that we be present with them in order to receive the ideas, emotions, memories and a poetics of space, they so generously seek to give. This is the transformative gift that is the art of Gordon Dunphy.”

This exhibition was curated by John Leroux and Jennifer Pazienza, and organized by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. A special thanks to Brent Rourke Cabinetmaker for sponsoring this exhibition.


Not able to make it into the gallery? Check out our virtual exhibition!

Virtual Curator Talk

Dr. Jennifer Pazienza and Dr. John Leroux discuss New Brunswick artist Gordon Dunphy’s wood turned vessels, currently on exhibition at the AX gallery in Sussex. Visit the gallery from now until October 24 to see Gordon Dunphy: Vessels, generously supported by Frank McKenna. This exhibition is sponsored by Brent Rourke Cabinetmaker.

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About Gordon Dunphy

Gordon Dunphy spent his early life in Nashwaak, NB where he was a fifth generation dairy farmer. In his 40’s, as what he described as a ‘mid-life crisis’ Dunphy decided he wanted to start wood turning. Following that decision, he set himself up in a studio in Taymouth, NB where he began turning wood burls into breathtaking vessels.

Although he had no formal training, Dunphy quickly became one of the best wood turners in North America. He has been the recipient of many prestigious awards including the New Brunswick Craft Council Premier’s Prize, the Deichmann Award for Excellence in Craft, and the Srathbutler Award for Excellence. His accomplishments as an artists don’t stop there, as his work has been collected by many important people, including premiers from across Canada and the British Royal Family. Sadly, Dunphy passed away from cancer in 2008, at the age of 74. However, his artwork lives on, with a career-spanning collection finding a new home at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery thanks to a generous donation by his estate.

About Dr. John Leroux

An art historian, author, and award-winning architect with a Bachelor of Architecture from McGill, a Master of Arts in art history from Concordia, and a PhD in history from the UNB, John Leroux is successful in many fields. He is a published author having written many books about architecture in New Brunswick. John is also the manager of collections and exhibitions at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

About Dr. Jennifer Pazienza

Jennifer Pazienza, who holds an MEd and PhD in art education at The Pennsylvania State University, taught at Texas Tech University and the University of Wisconsin before she relocated to New Brunswick to teach art, education, and philosophy classes at the University of News Brunswick in 1989. She retired from teaching in 2014 and is now a full-time painter with a studio at her home in Keswick Ridge, NB. Her gorgeous oil paintings have been sold everywhere from Fredericton, to New York and Italy.