Felted Puppets with Alevtina Sharapova


Saturday, September 23, 10:00 4:00 p.m. 

Location: In person, AX 

Cost: $110

Please register here by September 20 

Register for more than one workshop and receive 10% back when you arrive for your first class.

About the Workshop

Felting is amazing and versatile. When you agitate raw wool, adding soap and warm water, you can create various forms, as the fibers will tangle together and shrink. These types of toys are kid friendly and very durable, as after rubbing and massaging the piece for an hour, they are almost indestructible.

This class will suit both beginners and experienced felters. Tina will guide you through the steps of making a 3D shape on a flat resist. You will begin by making a small practice sample, and then can choose a pattern from various animals for the full-size puppet. If you already have some felting experience, you can make your own design. Tina’s students have made all kinds of animals from foxes, dogs, and sheep to dragons and other fairy-tale creatures with multiple horns, legs, or wings. 

By the end of the class, you will have 2 toys – 1 small and 1 big (if you choose a complex creature, you might need to finish it at home). You will also take home the basic pattern for the puppet that you choose.

Wool and patterns will be provided, but please bring the following if you can:


 – bath towels, 2 big or 3 middle size,

 – waterproof apron (there will be splashes of soapy water),

– 1-2 plastic bags to put your toys in after the class (they will be wet).

– a plastic massage roller,

– a bamboo curtain 40-50 cm wide (might get damaged in the process, so don’t use your best ones).

Please, keep in mind that wet felting is a labor-intensive craft and can be considered a workout 🙂 We will massage, rub and rinse our toys multiple times, so wear comfortable shoes and clothes.


About the Artist

Tina Sharapova was born in Moscow, Russia. She tried different handicrafts as a child and decided to become an artist to make beautiful things. She graduated from the Moscow Art College with a major in tapestry making and worked in various media: from graphic design to wool felting.

She spent 10 years in China exploring traditional arts and crafts before moving to Canada in 2016 to study Textile Design at NBCCD. In the last 10 years she has gained a lot of experience teaching people of various ages and cultural backgrounds. She works with children’s art festivals and summer camps and teaches evening courses for adults.

She is most interested in wool felting and working with recycled fabric. She strongly believes that creative re-using and re-fashioning is a great way to express your ideas while being sustainable and inventive